Hum is a hummingbird feeder designed to frame each visiting bird, creating a cherished visual experience.

Originally designed within one undergraduate semester to be launched on Kickstarter the next, Hum was very limited in it's manufacturing time and resources. Therefore the amount of Hums were very limited due to preparing and assembling each by hand. With hand painted bags, a sanded & painted circular wood body, brass accents and watertight windows, these hummingbird feeders are personal, hand crafter objects that speak to the warmth of their idea.

Press Release Image.jpg

During Hum's Kickstarter campaign, the feeder was selected as a Kickstarter staff pick, it represented Kickstarter's Chicago Design section, and it spent time representing the entire Design section of Kickstarter. 

Hum was successfully funded through Kickstarter at it's small quantity with additional interest that exceeded the limited production. However, the production of Hum's proved to be especially tedious once the making began.