Paint Palettes

The collection of images below displays various paint palettes used on personal projects, paintings, and color explorations for project application.

I always find myself so interested in the palette in and of themselves.

Initially I began collecting the above palettes not only for their compelling, evolving colors, but for their materiality as well. However, even when I had less time or need to paint, I began to notice these palettes forming elsewhere - through different mediums.

During my first full-time design position after my undergraduate studies, I began collecting my unintentional, non-tangible color palettes that presented themselves through my work (Webb deVlam) process. The design process was primarily focused on screen, which led me to  recognize that my interest in palettes  lives in many forms.

Below is a collection of color schemes from Photoshop and Keyshot, the two programs that I spent so, so much time in, that the color palettes kept me inspired and lively throughout the workday.