Webb deVlam

Based in Chicago, Webb deVlam is a design consultancy that consists of several design teams, all of which are dedicated to specific skill sets. "Illuminate" is the title of the Product Visualization team - a small team with a wide skillset that brings products and brands to life in imagery through the use of 3D Modeling and Rendering.

Illuminate's primary client is Motorola, the very client that is responsible for the start of this team. Motorola needed a team to provide certain rendering assets, and as these needs were met impressively, more and more responsibility was desired. The more we worked, the more we learned, and so we grew in skills and in size, and the team continues to impress every day.

Assets originally expected from Illuminate included rather simple renderings - transparent backgrounds, simple shadows and realistic, polished lighting and materials per product. This imagery allows for easy, diverse use of each image once delivered to the client.

Our daily projects produced visuals for packaging, marketing, print, web, lifestyle & in-situation imagery, all produced through the use of Rhino, Solidworks, Keyshot, Illustrator, and Photoshop.

With such a dense workflow and fast paced deadlines, organization was key in order to be able to work as a fluid, well polished team that produced high quality work. 

Illuminate did not solely focus on standard view, transparent background imager - as our relationship with Motorola grew stronger, we proposed that Illuminate take on the responsibility of designing in-situational product imagery.

In-situation renderings work together through cohesive geometry, lighting, color schemes, angles, materials and gridded compositions.

Illuminate's portfolio greatly expands each and every month as new products are designed and new renderings are produced. Each of Motorola's phones has it's distinct design, highlighted through Illuminate's detailed renderings. 

Illuminate's 2015-2016 Imagery is utilized all throughout the Motorola website, Verizon stores, second parties and other uses through Motorola. 

After Motorola was purchased by Lenovo and while approaching a new year, the visual identity of the brand was to transform completely. The entire company and all of their clients, including Illuminate, was challenged to bring the unexpected to the forefront of all of Motorola. Goodbye straight lines and 45 degree angles, hello moto.

The new Moto brand identity was presented to Illuminate as comprised of 2D illustrations and patterns. How could we utilize these assets - patterns, color scheme and playful personality - in our professional skill-set of 3D capabilities?

When presented with this challenge, our creative team of 3 designers divided tasks which put myself in charge of exploring ways to utilize patterns in 3D (a small collection of exploration shown above). This exploration would present concepts for the 2017 in-situation renderings.

The Motorola 2017 brought exciting challenges and imagery to the Illuminate portfolio. These renderings, as well as past work have been utilized on many well recognized platforms - such as examples below.